Photo: Who is Bryce Hunter?

Posted on May 24, 2013 by Andrew Bailey

The screenshot you see here comes directly from last night's Kansas City Royals broadcast. The intended question was, essentially, "if you could start your franchise with one of these players -- Bryce Harper, Matt Harvey, Manny Machado, or Mike Trout -- which would you choose?" The resulting graphic used to illustrate this survey, as you can plainly see, was nothing short of abominable.

Who is Bryce Hunter and why have I never seen him in the Detroit Tigers lineup before? When did Manny Machado get traded to the Chicago White Sox and Mike Trout to the New York Yankees? And despite intensive scouring, I can't seem to find a Matt Jones on the Baltimore Orioles, despite it being suggested that he is, in fact, a member of the team.

In addition to these questions, this image has left me with an inexplicably high blood pressure and a throbbing in the fore of my head. The biggest question of all: how is such a butchering even possible?

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Photo: Here’s a picture of Gio Gonzalez wearing Steve McCatty’s Playgirl photo

May 22, 2013

Without commentary (because really, who needs it in this situation?): a picture of Gio Gonzalez wearing Steve McCatty’s Playgirl photo on his shirt. Enjoy.


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