The Nats and A's agree on yet another trade, this time for Corey Brown

Posted on December 19, 2013 by Andrew Bailey

Photo Credit: Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

If you've listened to our podcast (and if you haven't, what is wrong with you?), you'll know that we sometimes like to compare real life situations to common fantasy sports situations. We can be degenerates in that way, I guess.

Anyway, you know how in fantasy sports you will occasionally offer someone a trade or two and never hear back? The offer isn't accepted, rejected, or even replied to. And you know how, even with your offer existing in fantasy limbo, you'll see that same owner trade with someone else in the league? Usually, it's a sibling or someone you know is a close friend. And you know how you begin to question the ethics of such behavior? Like, why is this person only acknowledging certain people? Why can't I get a reply? What the hell is their problem?

That's basically the point we've reached with Mike Rizzo's Nationals and Billy Beane's A's, who today agreed on a trade for outfielder Corey Brown. Brown, you'll recall, was designated for assignment last week to clear roster space for Nate McLouth.

In three years, the Nationals and A's have made eight -- eight! -- trades together. It's gotten to the point where, in cases like Kurt Suzuki and even Brown, they've actually begun swapping the same players back and forth more than just once. It's ridiculous.

Mind you, it hasn't even been two weeks since the Nats acquired Jerry Blevins from the A's.

If this behavior occurred in one of your fantasy leagues, you'd probably be posting angry messages on your league's forum claiming collusion. 

Which begs the question: do you think, somewhere, Josh Byrnes (GM of the Padres) or Alex Anthopolous (of the Blue Jays) or whoever are angrily texting Bud Selig about this? I've been e-mailing these guys for weeks and they won't reply to me! Why won't they reply? Why won't they trade with us?! They're cheating!

It's just really weird. 

Oh, also, the Nationals got back cash considerations in exchange for Brown. How bitter would you be if one owner in your fantasy football league slipped another owner five bucks off to the side for Calvin Johnson?

One last thing: a Google image search for "Mike Rizzo Billy Beane" returned the following season-approrpiate image, courtesy of Serious Jammage:

Photo Credit: @serious_jammage

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