What do Mets fans think of the Nationals?

Posted on April 02, 2014 by Red Porch Report

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Well hello there, my name is SovereignRonnie, and I am a sometimes-poster over at Amazin’ Avenue. You might remember me from such posts as "Jason Bay: is there any chance his option will vest?" and "The typical Yankee fan's off-season plan to fix the 2011 Mets." (Hint: it involved signing or trading for every current Yankee at the time.) 

Anywho, my friend Justin Howard from Red Porch Report and HalfStreetHeartAttack.com asked me to give you Nationals fans a glimpse into how Mets fans view the Nationals, Nationals fans, and all things #Natitude. Obviously, I don't speak for the entire fan base, but I think I have a good sense of how y'all are perceived. I HAVE AN SBNATION LOGIN AND EVERYTHING!

So without further ado, here is my response to the question "What do Mets fans think of the Nationals, viewed from the perspective of a Mets fan who lives in NY?":

The answer is simple.  We don't.

I hate to be so blunt, but in the pecking order of teams and things we hate, the Nationals probably place, *maybe*, *at best*, at the distant back of the top 10. 

1a. Phillies. No real explanation needed. Everyone hates the Phillies, amiright?

1b. Braves. Fueled by their dominance in the late 90's. And Chipper Jones.

1c. Yankees. Little brother always secretly hates big brother. 

(You can really jumble around the top three depending on prevailing circumstances, though.)

4. Marlins: believe it or not, we hate these bastards for knocking us out of the playoffs on the final weekend in two consecutive years. Like, irrationally hate. 

5. The Wilpons: cheap SOBs. Stupid SOBs. 

6. The Mets / ourselves: a self-loathing bunch, are we. Plus I think a large percentage of the fan base hates our own team.

7. Omar Minaya: also known as the architect of 2011-2013 purgatory.

8. The Cardinals: thanks to Yadi Molina's bomb and Adam Wainwright's nasty yacker in 2006 that simultaneously locked Carlos Beltran's knees and started the #BlameBeltran meme.

9. #Natitude: pretty universal, I think.  I mean, seriously?

10. The Nationals: and, really, only because you're in the same division as us.

Now, much of this isn't the Nationals' fault, nor is it the Mets' fault. Simply, both teams haven't been good at the same time at all during the last decade, so it is hard to build those moments when your rival becomes truly hated, moments that make your blood boil at the slightest mention of the opposition. Even a game like the Nats' win on opening day: I think Mets' fans blame more on our own craptastic bullpen and inability to carry out basic baseball functions like putting bat on ball (see #6 above) than we do on "those pesky Nationals." 

Oh sure, the Nats have their share of dislikeable players ("who?" That's a clown question, bro...) and guys who just killed us for no apparent reason (see: Bernadina, Roger). And I think that some animosity will build over the next few years, as the talent level on both clubs is on the upswing. But we have never met in the playoffs, never met in the final week of the season with a playoff berth on the line, never really had a bench clearing brawl. Even the drive from NY to DC is long and annoying enough that day trips to each other's parks won't happen frequently.

We even didn't hate the Expos that much.  Again, rarely were the two teams good for too long, plus I think we always felt kinda bad for stealing "The Kid" for Hubie Brooks and a poo poo platter. 

As for the fan base, I think we see you as we see much of Washington DC: somewhat fair-weather; a bit political; not really from DC; organized into a quadrant grid with a bunch of randomly drawn lines intersecting... or something. Most of the fans are probably fans who either lived in a town with no baseball or were fans of other teams that sucked and started fresh. But at this point, there isn't much venom spewed towards the lot of you. In fact, I'd say we hate our own team more than we hate yours. Of course, that might change if Strasburg nails Dubs in the bean with a heater.

The history between these two teams is pretty fresh, given the competitive landscape of the last decade-ish. Give it another decade or two, and I'll probably change my tune. Just right now, and for the recent past, there are just so many other, more fulfilling places to direct our ire towards. Like the Phillies. And on that we can all agree. 

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